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darkfield condenser

darkfield condenser

This is an add-on dry darkfield condenser. It’s for 4x, 10x and 40x objectives to observe low contrast samples, e.g. live blood samples. You may simply exchange the bright field condenser with this darkfield condenser in seconds as long as the mount size is 37mm. The darkfield condenser is used to differentiate translucent specimens from surrounding materials of varying refractive-indicies. The condenser’s dark-field patch creates a hollow cone of light, resulting in specimens with illuminated borders, while the field is left dark. This is commonly used with blood and mineral analysis.This condenser is designed to work with compound icroscopes with a 37mm bottom-mount condenser holder. Compatible AmScope series: 340, 390, 400, 450, 490, 590, 600, 670, 680.

Features & Specifications:

Darkfield Condenser: Dry
Mounting Size: 37mm, industry standard
NA: 0.7-0.9Darkfield microscopy uses refracted light to make live, unstained specimens appear with bright contrast against a dark background. By blocking the center of the brightfield of light and not allowing direct rays to enter the objective, only the outer oblique rays of light strike the specimen. Put 2 drops of immersion oil onto the top of the OIL condenser and raise it until the oil contacts the underside of the slide for the sharpest darkfield imaging…much sharper than any DRY darkfield condenser. Remember, darkfield will not work with a standard 100x objective because of the high numerical aperture, but the optional 100x Darkfield objective features a built-in IRIS for easy darkfield viewing.
his is a high quality oil immersion darkfield condenser for industry standard compound microscopes. Its mounting size is 37mm in ameter.Compatible with: B340, T340, B390, T390, B400, T400, B450, T450, B490, T490, T590 B600, T600, T680.
Features & Specifications :
Darkfield Condenser: Oil
Mounting Size: 37mm
NA: 1.36-1.25
Shipping Weight: 1 lb


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