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Dark Field Test :what is it,What can do?

What is a Dark Field Microscopy?

The dark field microscopic examination of freshly collected, vital blood is a pillar of the Paracelsus Clinica al Ronc holistic medical diagnosis. It provides information on the internal milieu and function of the blood cells, as well as the amount and development of endobionts, from which microorganisms and more sophisticated structures, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses, develop.

What can do the dark field test?

Dark-field examination is a valuable means of diagnosing syphilis in its very early stage. It is a method by which one can directly observe and identify the Treponema pallidum in the living condition. Once one is familiarized with the characteristics of the Treponema pallidum it is not likely to be mistaken for anything else. Its recognition is always conclusive. Dark-field examination is very simple and can be done in a short time on a good bacteriological microscope with a special dark-field condenser. The technique is easy and can be mastered in a short time. The detection of the Treponema pallidum in the serous exudate from the chancre is pathognomonic of Lues, though failure to find at one examination does not exclude the infection. The organism, though always present, in the primary lesion may not be found at once and careful and repeated searches may be necessary. The results of the examination are accurate and compare well with other diagnostic procedures. Dark-field examination is also of considerable value in diagnosing Wassermann-negative secondary syphilis. In this examination there are not the same difficulties of interpretation, or fallacies as one has in the Wassermann reaction, which also takes some time to develop. Hence this method of diagnosis can be applied with advantage in cases of early syphilis. Great importance of early diagnosis and early institution of specific treatment in syphilis cannot be disputed; for earlier the treatment is started the greater the hope of complete cure. Besides, early diagnosis will curtail the prolonged illness and reduce the length of the courses of treatment. It also means saving some inconvenience and expenses both to the patient and the hospital. It will help to control the transmission and the spread of infection which is inevitable otherwise. Upon this will depend our best hope of eradicating the disease, an important problem in Public Health.

What you can expect from Dark Field Blood Test?

Thus, the dark field blood analysis provides information about the function and structure of blood cells and plasma endobionts, as well as developing bacterial and fungal precursors. The dark field examination also indicates changes within the cell through hormonal and mineral deficiencies. It is particularly beneficial for the evaluation of patients with chronic diseases, and children with susceptibility to infection, or recurrent bacterial problems, such as Candida or other fungal diseases. Dark field blood analysis is crucial in answering questions related to any chronic, or toxic problems.

Dark field microscopy is also an important tool in biological therapies. It can be used to test the effect of certain medications, by adding the medication to a blood sample and analyzing the reaction that is produced. This investigation is extremely motivating for the patient, by allowing him to directly experience the diagnosis.

The effects of dark field microscopy can not be replaced by any other blood test, especially not by normal laboratory microscopic blood tests, sent in fixed samples, as the blood changes its function due to environmental changes, so the blood must be tested while it is still fresh. It is also important to evaluate the degeneration tendency of blood samples, especially when considering the behavior of tumors.

The presence of bacteria precursors, which are not disease-inducing, but increase the risk of future disease development, can also be found in the dark field examination. Therefore, this dark field examination of the blood is a valuable and necessary preventative measure.

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