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ZTX-E-ZB 10X-40X dark field microscope, Diamond/Jewelry Microscope,Square Light and Tweezer, CE, ROHS,microscope for diamond

Place of OriginZhejiang, China (Mainland), Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand NameHuaguang, NBHG
Model NumberZTX-E-ZB, ZTX-E-ZB
TheoryJewelry microscope, Stereo Microscope
DrawtubeBinocular, Binocular
Illumination12V 10W Haloge Lamp
AccessoryJewel tweeaer
Accessory2Darkfield worling stage( with diaphram)

ZTX-E-ZB 10X-40X Diamond/Jewelry Microscope with Darkfield Attachment, Square Light and Tweezer, CE, ROHS,microscope for diamond,  dark field microscope


1.Viewing Head:Inclined Binocular

2.Head 360 rotatable

3.Eyepiece SWF10

4.Objective 1X-4X

5.Incident light   Halogen Lamp 12V 10W

                          Fluorescent 10W

6.Transmitted light    Halogen Lamp 12V 10W

7.Jewel tweezer

8.Darkfiled working stage (with diaphram)



1.Inclined Trinocular

2.Eyepiece WF5X,WF10X,HWF10X,WF15X,WF20X

3.Objective 0.7X-3.6X



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