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CMM – 40 dark field optical microscope

Place of OriginShaanxi, China (Mainland)
Brand NameCF
Model NumberCMM – 40
Optical magnification100 x 250 x 400 x 1000 x
objective table50 mm * 75 mm
Pd regulating range53-75 – mm
Filteryellow, green, blue
Lighting systembrightness is adjustable

Brief introduction:

Dark field metallographic microscope system is the traditional optical microscope and computer (digital camera) through the photoelectric conversion of organic unifies in together, not only can make microscopic observation on the eyepiece, can in the computer (digital camera) to observe the real-time dynamic display screen images, dark frame metallographic microscope and will need photos to edit, save and print.

Technical parameters:

1. The eyepiece

Type the magnification view (mm)

Wide-angle eyepiece D 10 x 20

2. The objective

Magnification lens type numerical aperture (NA)

Flat field achromatic lens 10 x 0.25

25 x 0.45

40 x 0.60

100 x (oil) 1.25

10 x 0.25 flat field dark field lens

20 x 0.32

40 x 0.60

3. The total magnification

Optical magnification: 100 x 250 x 400 x 1000 x

System reference magnification: 100-2600 – x x

4. The objective table: 50 mm * 75 mm

5. Focusing system: take limit and regulate take-up coaxial coarse and micro

Micro value is 0.002 mm

6.Pd regulating range: 53-75 – mm

7.Filter: yellow, green, blue

8. Lighting system: 12 v / 50 w reflex, 6 v / 30 w power halogen lamp, brightness is adjustable

9. Mouldproof, mildew proof system




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