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(BM-607) Polarizing Metallurgical Trinocular Compound Microscope Recommended for Engineering Disciplines

Place of OriginZhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand NameBarride or OEM
Model NumberBM-607
TheoryMetallurgical Microscope
Viewing Head Compensation Free Trinocular Head, Inclined 30°(50mm-75mm)
Stage Size190MM*140MM
NosepieceQuintuple Nosepiece with DIC Jack
Application study opaque samples like minerals, metals and building materials
objectivesbright and dark field Infinite Plan objective :5x ,10x ,20x,40x
Illuminationhalogen Bulb 12V/50W, AC85V-230 Brightness Adjustable

(BM-607) Metallurgical Trinocular Compound Microscope Recommended for Engineering Disciplines


Viewing Head
  Compensation Free Trinocular Head, Inclined 30°(50mm-75mm)
  WF10×/20mm,crosshair with reticule 0.1mm
  Long working distance bright and dark field Infinite Plan objectives: 5
  ×/0.1B.D/W.D.29.4mm 10×/0.25B.D/W.D.16mm  20×/0.40B.D/W.D.10.6mm 40
  Quintuple Nosepiece with DIC Jack
  Double layer mechanical stage
  Stage Size: 190mm×140mm
  Moving Range:50mm×40mm
  Flashboard type filters(green,blue,neutral)
  Coaxial coarse & fine focusing adjustment With rack and pinion mechanism Fine
  focusing scale value 0.002mm
Light Source
  With aperture iris diaphragm and field iris diaphragm, halogen Bulb 12V/50W, 
  AC85V-230 Brightness Adjustable
Polarizing Device
  Analyzer rotatable 360,°Polarizer&Analyzer can be moved in/out of the optical
Checking Tool
  0.01mm Micrometer
Optional Accessory
  Two-dimensional measurement software
  Professional metallurgical image analysis software
  Halogen Bulb 12V/100W
  Micrometer eyepiece
  1.3Mega,2.0 Mega,3.0 Mega,5.0 Mega pixels CMOS Digital camera eyepieces
  Long working distance bright & dark field Infinite Plan objectives: 50
  ×/0.55B.D/W.D.5.1mm, 80×/0.75B.D/W.D.4mm,100×/0.80B.D/W.D.3mm
  Precision Stage:X-Y moving range 25mm×25mm,Moving Precision<5um,Digital
  hand wheel Min.Value:0.1um,360°Rotatable disc
  Photography attachment and CCD Adapter 0.5×,0.57×,0.75×
  Planishing tool
  CCD Camera,colour 1/3″High resolution 520 TV lines
Characteristicsand description
1.UIS infinite-optical system.
2.Adopt long-life halogen light source with much higher light efficiency.
3.Bright and dark field, Polarization and differential interference function.
4.The aspherical Kohler illumination, increasing the brightness of observation.
5.WF10 ×(Φ25)Super wide viewing field Eyepiece, long working distance metallurgical objective with bright and dark field
6.The Quintuple Nosepiece can be equipped with detachable DIC differential interference device.
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