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BD-SW40 Infinity biological lab microscope with Phase contrast and Dark field and Polarizing

Place of OriginZhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand NameBoshida
Model NumberBD-SW40
TheoryBiological Microscope
ApplicationHospital,medcine, industry, lab institution
Optical systemInfinity
Warranty1 Year


BD-SW40 Infinity biological lab microscope/Phase contrast/dark field/Polarization





Product Description


BD-SW40 is an upgrade reserch level biological microscope. It is competent for scientific research and medical diagnosis.With achromatic ifinity optical system and kohler illumination system, the image is clear at any magnifacation.

Max maginification: 1000X




 Model BD-SW40
Optical system Infinity achromatic optical system
View tube

Trinocular, Hinge trinocular,

30 ° Tilt, 360°rotating ,

IPD adjustment: 54mm ~ 75mm,

Diopter adjustment: ± 5 diopters, Splitting ratio:  100: 0 or 50:50

Eyepiece High eye level WF PL10 × (Φ22mm)

Light field: Infinity flat field achromatic objective lens:4X, 10X, 20X, 40X,100X

Phase contrast: Infinity flat field phase cntrast lens: 10X,20X,40,100X

Nosepiece Five-hole converter/four-hole converter

Stage size:175 × 145mm,

moving range: 76mm ×50mm , Precision: 0.1mm

Coaxial positioning system.

Focusing mechanism 

Tightness and height limitation of coarse regulation are adjustable.

Fine adjustment accuracy :0.002mm,

moving range adjustable, max moving range : 30mm.  

Coarse adjustment: 25mm,  fine adjustment accuracy :0.002mm. 

Light source Transmission kohler illumination system; 6V/30W whalogen lamp, default center, the brightness is adjustable.

Light field: NA1.2 /0.22  swing out achromatic condensor

Phase contrast: NA1.25 five-holes phase contrast condensor

Filter Yellow,green,blue,neutral filter.
Photographic device 1XCTV
Optional module 

Dark field

Phase contrast






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BD-SW50 is an upgrade reserch level biological microscope fit for scientific research. Two-way wire rail drive system make the stage more safe than traditional one. 

The rack is compatible for biological stage and fluorescence stage. Light observation and fluorescence observation in one microscope is possible.

High precision focusing mechanism can be used for precisional measurement.


Max maginification: 1000X






Model   BD-SW50
Optical system

Infinity achromatic optical system

View tube

Trinocular, Hinge trinocular, 30 ° Tilt, 360°rotating 

 IPD adjustment: 50mm ~ 76mm,

Diopter adjustment: ± 5 diopters,

Splitting ratio:  100: 0 or 20:80 or 0:100

Eyepiece  High eye level WF PL10 × (Φ25mm)
Objective   flat field semi-achromatic objective :4X, 10X, 20X, 40X,100X
Nosepiece Five-hole converter with DIC slot
Stage and rack

Double layer mechanical stage size:187 ×168mm

Moving range: 80mm ×55mm ,  Precision: 0.1mm

Two-way wire rail drive system, the tightness of the knob is adjustable.

Focusing mechanism

Transmission stage .

Coaxial positioning system.

Tightness and height limitation of coarse regulation are adjustable.

Fine adjustment accuracy :0.001mm.

Coarse adjustment range: 20mm

Built-in AC 110V~240V adapter. 

Built-in trasmission filter: LBD, ND6, ND25


With the digital modulator, the brightness can be setted or resetted.

Light source

Transmission kohler illumination system;

12V/100W halogen lamp, default center, brightness is adjustable. 

Condensor  Light field: N.A. 0.9 /0.22  swing out achromatic condensor

Yellow,green,blue,neutral filter. 

Photographic device 1X C connector 
Optional module






Application&Display effect 







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