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A13.0900 Professional DIC APO objective Bright/Dark field Metallurgical Microscope

Place of OriginBeijing, China (Mainland)
Model Number13.0900
TheoryMetallurgical Microscope


Product Description


A13.0900 DIC Metallurgical Microscope, with flexible system, excellent imaging performance and stable system achritecure. It is professional used in industrial testing and metallographic analysis. The operating mechanism according to ergonomic design. That can maximum reduce fatigue during using. Modular component design can freely assemble.

–Intergrated Bright Field/ Oblique Illumination, Polaraizing, DIC Differential Interference
–4" Double Layer Mechanical Stage X/Y Moving Range Achieve 105*105mm
–New Deisgn Long Working Distance Professional Metallurgical Objetives
–High Power Semi-Apochromatic Techanlogy Objective
Variety of Observation Methods To Have Sharp and High Contrast Microscopic Image
–Accessories Complete, Well Equipped, The System Can be Flexibly Combined
–Ergonomic Design, Reliable System Architecture


A13.0900 DIC Metallurgical Microscope
Optical System Bright Field/Oblique Light, Polarizig, DIC
Bright Field/Oblique Light, Polarizig, DIC , Transmit Light  
30° Inclinded Trinocular, Spiltting Ratio 100:0 or 50:50

High Eyepoint Plan PL10x/22mm

Objective Long Working Distance Infinity Plan Metallurgical
DIC Achromatic
LMPL5X/0.15 WD10.8MM
LMPL10X/0.3 WD10MM
LMPL20X/0.45 WD4MM
Long Working Distance Infinity Plan Metallurgical
LMPL50X/0.55 WD7.8MM
Nosepiece Intilted, Quintuple, With DIC Slot
Stage 4" Double Layer Mechanical Stage, Moving Range 105*105mm, with Metal Flat Stage, Right Hand Position, XY Moving Hand Wheel, with Stage Adaptor
4" Double Layer Mechanical Stage, Moving Range 105*105mm, with Glass Stage, Right Hand Position, XY Moving Hand Wheel, with Stage Adaptor  
Focusing Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focusing, Coarse Focus Range 33mm, Fine Focusing Precision 0.001mm,With Coarse Adjustment Stop and Tightness Adjustment
Reflect Illumination, With Iris Field Diaphragm and Aperture Diaphragm, Central Adjustable, with Filter SLot and Polarizing Slot, With Oblique Illumination Switch. Single High Power 5W LED, White, Brightness Adjustable

Transmitted Illumination, SIngle High Power 5W LED, White Brightness Adjustable, N.A.0.5 Condenser, with Iris Diaphragm  

Power 90-240V Wide Voltage, One Way Power Output
90-240V Wide Voltage, Double Way Power Output  
A13.0900 DIC Metallurgical Microscope Optional Accessories
Eyepiece High Eyepoint Plan PL15x/16mm PL15x16 A51.0903-1516
High Eyepoint Plan PL10x/22mm, with Cross PL10x22r, A51.0905-1022R
High Eyepoint Plan PL10x/22mm, Diopter Adjustable, PL10x22T A51.0904-1022T
Objective Long Working Distance Infinity Plan Metallurgical Semi-APO LMPL100X/0.8 WD2.1MM A5M.0938-100
DIC DIC Attachment Set A5M.0950
Filter Interface Filter For Reflect illumination Blue, <480nm A5M.0951-B
Green, 520~570nm A5M.0951-G
Red, 630~750nm A5M.0951-R
Netural, for White Balance A5M.0951-LBD
Other Specimen Presser A5M.0920
Polarizing Fixed Polarizer Flashboard, Dia.30mm A5P.0920-RP
360° Rotatable Analyser Flashboard A5P.0920-TA
Fixed Analyser Flashboard,Dia.30mm A5P.0920-RA
Adapter 0.5x C-Mount, for 1/2" CCD, Focus Adjustable A55.0928-50
1.0x C-Mount, Focus Adjustable A55.0928-10
Digital Camera Adapter with Photo Eyepiece A55.0910





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